• You are required to have a Certiport username and password. If you have not already done so, go to www.Certiport.com and create a username and password. DO NOT create multiple Certiport accounts.
  • Please note: After creating your Certiport account, if you attempt to log back in and are unsuccessful, click the “Cancel” button, then try logging in again.

  • You can use a PC laptop, desktop computer, Mac, or Chromebook**.
  • For the most updated technical requirements read the  Test Candidate User Guide.
  • **Chromebook users must download and install the Secure Browser App from the Google Play store. Thorough instructions on page 3 of the Test Candidate User Guide.
  • Firewalls and Company internet restriction policies: During the exam, you are testing on a virtual computer via the internet. If using a company computer, please confirm the internet usage policies with your IT department.

If you are scheduled to test through with us, please contact getcertified@getcertifiedfromhome.com or call 1-800-681-7212.

  • To schedule your exam, click the SCHEDULE NOW! button.
  • Select the exam category
  • Select the exam service
  • Click Book this service
  • Select your exam date and time
  • Fill out the registration page 

When exam appointments are confirmed that slot is no longer available to other testers. Multiple reschedule requests will result in the return of the proctor fee (if one was paid) and you will be required to test with a different test center.

Exam cancellation policy: You can reschedule your appointment up to 2 hours prior to the start time, without penalty.

  • You are not permitted to use a smartphone or tablet for the exam.
  • This is NOT an open book, open note, or search the internet for answers exam program.
  • We request that you keep your phone available to accept a call from our Proctor or Tech Support.

  • A webcam is required for an identification check.
  • A full scan of your testing environment is not required.
  • Have your photo ID ready to display during check in.

  • You are required to display a photo ID during the exam check in process.

  • The number of exam questions and duration of an exam varies based on the exam and level.
  • For more information on exam lengths, go to the EXAM DETAILS and verify the Seat time for the exam.

  • A No Show will result in the loss of your Proctor Fee.

  • In preparation for your upcoming exam, please have your Certiport username and password ready. Double-check that information at Certiport.com.
  • Your voucher must be assigned to your Certiport.com account before connecting to the test computer.
  • Please read Certiport's Exams from Home testing procedures: Test Candidate User Guide.
  • Close all music and video streaming applications.
  • Computers must be plugged into a charger for the full duration of your exam session.
  • Temporarily turn off your screen saver.

You must download a Secure Browser. Please read Certiport's Exams from Home testing procedures:

  • The candidate exam link will be emailed to you the day before the exam and again 15 minutes before your start time. Please check your Inbox and Spam/Junk folder for your candidate exam link.
  • Carefully review the exam start time and the name of the scheduled exam. If you scheduled the incorrect exam, you must alert us ASAP and the correct exam will be reserved.
  • Do not attempt to sign into the exam early. Wait for 5 minutes before your start time to sign in.
  • A proctor will be assigned to assist with starting your exam. Please cooperate with the proctor.
  • Please read Certiport's Exams from Home testing procedures: Test Candidate User Guide

  • You will receive a confirmation email of your approved test date and time.
  • You are required to have your Certiport username and password ready to manually enter.
  • You are required to have your 16-character (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) voucher assigned to your Certiport account.
  • On occasion, approved exam appointments must be changed due to system maintenance or general system technical issues. We will contact you in advance if your exam date and time are affected.
  • If we must start an exam later than scheduled, you will still have your entire exam time to complete your exam.

  • The proctor must establish the Chat messenger is working prior to unlocking your exam.
  • Please cooperate and respond to the proctor’s questions.
  • If you experience technical problems, immediately bring them to the proctor’s attention.
  • The proctor is not permitted to assist with answering or interpreting questions on the exam.
  • Do not post random “thoughts” in the Chat. The proctor will only respond if an answer is warranted.
  • If you don’t know an answer, Mark it for Review and go to the next question.
  • Focus on completing the exam. You can return to the question if you have time remaining.

  • If you encountered technical problems during the exam, you must bring them to the attention of the Proctor during the exam session.
  • You may call the Get Certified America! tech support team at 1-800-681-7212. Tech support services are available for test candidates scheduled to test through Get Certified America!, only. We are not able to assist if you are testing with a different test center.
  • Every attempt will be made to quickly resolve the technical issue during the exam session.
  • Once the exam session is closed there is nothing we can do regarding technical issues that were not brought to the Proctor's attention.

  • At the completion of the exam, your exam score report will immediately appear on the screen.
  • Once you see the score report, please wait for the Proctor to direct you to close the exam.
  • DO NOT download or save anything to the virtual computer.
  • To access your exam score report and PDF certificate, sign into your Certiport.com account and look under My Transcript. The report is generally available immediately. The PDF certificate will be available within 4 hours of passing the exam.

  • To access the score report, sign in to your Certiport.com account. Select the ''My Transcript'' tab. If you passed the exam, your score report will be visible and ready for review and download. If you didn’t pass, uncheck the box next to “Show passed exams”. You will have access to download your official PDF certificate within 4 hours of completing the exam.
  • At no point will Certiport allow you to see the individual questions and answers after the exam.

  • At the completion of your exam, you are encouraged to create an account with Credly.com. Through Credly you will have access to your Certification Badge. The email contains information about your Certification Badge. Create an account for access to badges that can be assigned to your letterheads, LinkedIn profile, etc.
  • The Certification Badge shows that you knew it and can prove it!

  • A retake voucher code will only be issued if you have purchased an "exam voucher with a retake" option.
  • Retake voucher codes will only be issued if you fail the exam. If you pass the exam, a retake voucher code will not be generated or issued.
  • Retake voucher codes are generated within 24 hours of failing the exam and cannot be rush processed for any reason.
  • A retake voucher code will be sent to the email address on your Certiport account in addition to automatically being assigned to your Certiport account.
  • The original code purchased (or the generated retake code), once redeemed, will not work for additional testing.
  • The retake voucher code can only be redeemed for the exact same exam that was administered in the first failed attempt. You cannot take a different exam with a retake voucher code.
  • The retake voucher code expiration time may vary from 30 to 60 days after the code is generated based on the exam. Expiration dates on retake codes cannot be extended for any reason.

A retake voucher is valid for one retake attempt. You would need to purchase a new voucher for a 3rd exam attempt. A proctor fee is required for each exam attempt.

Exam voucher policies vary based on the exam, this includes information regarding failed first attempts, the duration of a retake voucher, and waiting periods for retaking the failed exam a second (2nd), third (3rd), or any subsequent time. For more information on exam voucher policies, go to the EXAM POLICIES and select the desired exam. Under the exam's description, you would find the exam policies.

  • Cheating attempts: The proctor will flag the exam and the exam will be stopped if they suspect that you are attempting to cheat. If we stop the exam, you will be required to take your exam at a physical Certiport test center.
  • Test results found to be in violation of the retake policy will result in the candidate not being awarded the attempted credential, regardless of the score.
  • This is NOT an open book, open note, or search the internet for answers exam program.

If you are not satisfied with the exam questions, please do not express this to the Proctor. You can file a grievance by visiting: https://certiport.pearsonvue.com/Educator-resources/Exam-policies/Grievance.


Get Certified America!: Customer Support 1-(800) 681-7212 or email getcertified@getcertifiedfromhome.com